Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1: How does St Improvements work?

St Improvements is committed to providing best experience available by supplying our clients with quality leads generated from our trusted sources in Real-time. We use multiple online & offline channels and our monitored affiliate network to generate service requests. We also call each homeowner after every service request which enables us to assure the accuracy of the information before the lead is avaialable for our contractors.

Q2: How many times do you sell leads?

Most of the lead generation companies sell their leads to upto four different buyers. That is where we are different from others in the market. All leads we generate are exclusive to only 1 contractor/lead buyer and we do not resell/multisell our leads.

Q3: How soon i am going to start receiving leads?

All leads we generate are live leads and delivered in Real-time to our contractors.Therefore, we cannot commit a fix amount of leads. The wider area and services you choose, the more quantity you will recieve. However, as many contractors are in rush; we have recently added a refund policy for the statisfactin of our lead buyers.

Q4: Why is St Improvements expensive?

Expensive? We are not expensive at all. In fact, we are cheaper than anyone else. Imagine every lead you purchase from us turns into a job! You won't have to switch teams and hire more expert sales people. Our leads are easy to go with. We gaurantee that all leads you buy from us will convert at 100 Percent ratio.

Q5: What is your return policy / credit policy / Refund policy?

We understand that not every lead you buy will turn out a job. Therefore, we offer a credit policy in which; any lead with wrong/invalid information, out of criteria, no response, prospect did not apply for service is not charged and is returned/replaced. In case if we are unable to deliver your order within 1 month of the order date, You can get 40% refund of the total amount and release that 40% until the order is complete.

Q6: Can you set Appointments?

Yes, We can! We can set appointments for you on the same rates. All you have to do is just indicate our team that you need appointments of the same leads and our sales team will take it from there.

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